Who We Are

We are a group of highly trained red team leaders and experienced military professionals who have used these tools and techniques to tackle real-world challenges in the U.S. Army and Marines Corps, and in the British Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. We have applied these tools to some of the world’s toughest problems, in some of the most challenging circumstances. We can arm you and your team with these same tools and techniques, equipping you for the challenges that the future is sure to bring.

Dr. Kevin Benson

Dean - RTT Academy

U.S.A. (Kansas City)


Itai Shapira

Director - RTT Academy

Israel (Tel Aviv)


Ellie Cloke

Deputy Director - RTT Academy

U.K. (London)


Brian Tarallo 

U.S.A (Virginia)


Kate Stewart

U.S.A. (Montana)


Marcus Dimbleby

Partner and Vice President

U.K. (London)

Bryce G. Hoffman

Founding Partner and President

U.S.A. (San Francisco)

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Red Team Thinking Academy is the first and only decision support red teaming school created by military red teamers for military red teamers. Our courses are based on the curriculum used by the U.S. Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS), also known as Red Teaming University. But we have evolved this curriculum so that these techniques can be taught faster and used more effectively. Our tools can be used for formal red teaming analysis by dedicated red teams, but also on an ad-hoc basis by any leader to make better decisions faster.